25/08/23 - Re-centered LIVE MAP to London.
               - Various CSS Style Changes.
               - ACARS Client Uploaded - available in the downloads section under Docs & Resources.
               - Re-integration of some UK Airlines Airframes.

26/08/23 - Initial Flight tests with ACARS successful.
               - UKI Flights from London Stansted to destinations in the UK, Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany & Italy added to the schedules.

27/08/23 - Skytours Fleet added to UK airports ( B737-600, 700, 800, 900ER, A320, A20N & ATR ) airframes.
               - Sortable columns now available in Fleet and Flight schedules. ( This was a PHPVMS update last week, an excellent feature. )

29/08/23 - PHPVMS Beta 5 installed.
               - More UKI schedules added from Stansted, Southampton, Bournemouth, Norwich.
               - Front page customizations.
               - More Dashboard customizations.
               - Preliminary work on Award system.
               - Flights added to Birmingham, Liverpool & Manchester ( UK Destinations only )

30/08/23 - Home page reconstruction.
               - Preparation for additional airframe types in database.
               - Scottish Regional Flights added from Edinburgh & Glasgow.

31/08/23 - British Airways Complete Fleet added.
               - British Airways Schedules inserted from London City & Gatwick.
               - Virgin Atlantic Complete Fleet added.
               - British Airways schedule complete and uploaded.
               - Virgin Atlantic schedule complete and uploaded.
               - Further additions to Award System.
               - Additions to Leaderboards on Dashboard.

01/09/23 - Corrections to a handful of flights from Edinburgh and Glasgow to regional destinations.
               - Ryanair Flights from Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh added.
               - Airline Listing page under "DOCS & RESOURCES" created.

02/09/23 - Ryanair Flights from Kerry, Cork, Shannon & Dublin added.
               - More Awards created.
               - Ryanair B738 Fleet completed with the exception of SP- and 9H- registrations. These will follow shortly. Ryanair B7M8 fleet to be added shortly too.
               - Ryanair Flights out of Cardiff, Bristol, Newquay, Luton, Liverpool, Gatwick, Bourenmouth and Exeter. ( East Midlands, Manchester and Birmingham to follow )

03/09/23 - Jet2 Schedules data in progress.
               - Jet2 Airframes added A332, A333, B738 - Fleet Registrations completed.
               - Jet2 Hubs activated - EGAA, EGBB, EGGD, EGNX, EGPH, EGPF, EGNM, EGGP, EGSS, EGCC, EGNT.
               - Jet2 Schedules complete.

04/09/23 - Skytours UK Domestic Departures from Stansted EGSS published.

                                                        - EasyJet aircraft added for A319, A320 Neo, A321 Neo based at UK Bases and European Hubs above. ( A320 airframes along with schedule data to follow. )

06/09/23 - EasyJet Fleet complete ( 337 ) Schedules now in progress.

07/09/23 - EasyJet schedules completed from Edinburgh, Glasgow, Stansted & Belfast.

08/09/23 - EasyJet schedules completed from Manchester.

09/09/23 - EasyJet schedules completed from Liverpool.
               - EasyJet schedules completed from Birmingham & Luton.

10/09/23 - EasyJet schedules completed from London Gatwick. This completes all UK Departure hubs.
               - NEW Simbrief Profiles for A21N Horizon Simulations Mod - to be used with the LVFR A321.

15/09/23 - UK Skytours European departures from London Gatwick added.

01/10/23 - UK Skytours European departures from Manchester added.

18/11/23 - Airline Listing page updated
               - Aer Lingus Fleet Complete
               - UK Skytours Airframes added B789, A339

27/11/23 - Various airframes configurations tweaked for Simbrief profiling.
                 Loganair Fleet and Schedules added to the database.